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clay, window frame, rope, MDF

200 × 160 × 700 cm

Installation view at Kunstraum Zehn, Hannover


Just as Wada´s sculptures are about eternal and cosmic things – his first solo show also address the question of transiency. In AMPO, a 2001 installation at Kunstraum Zehn in Hannover, visitors were invited to throw clods of clay into a wooden tunnel that ended in a net of woven rope. The accumulation of the raw, shapeless matter darkened the light at then end of the horizontal tunnel and represented the earthly being tossed at the celestial. In the course of the opening evening, the material accumulated into a clay pile, whose shape was hidden until the next day, when Wada removed three sides of the tunnel. The resulting sculptural form remained for the rest of the exhibition.


Dr. Marc Wellmann, Artistic director of Haus am Lützowplatz

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