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The solo exhibition of Reijiro Wada „Vineyard“ at ALTO DE PIOZ showcases his sculptural works that interfere with everyday scenery and transfigure it into a sublime scene.

The first thing you see in the exhibition space is a bunch of grapes hanging from the ceiling in the void of the staircase. Some of the grapes almost seem to come loose and fall to the floor. Beneath them, golden grapes are scattered on the floor. The bunch and grapes are made of bronze in the direct casting process, in which fresh grapes are burned away and replaced with metal. On the upper floor, the vines intertwine and curl into a mass. In this installation piece HANGED GRAPES, the flow of life to death is represented upside down from bottom to top: a fallen chunk of vines, a bunch of grapes hanging from it, and scattered golden grapes.

Filled with red wine, the structure of SCARLET PORTAL is supported by the winery’s oldest vine, which stands on its head with its root pointing upwards. The translucent vacuum area at the center of the frame is a result of the negative pressure of the liquid inside, which curves the glass panels of the frame. This void is leading the viewer to a scarlet boundary and beyond.

The MIRROR series contain different kinds of wine inside their brass frames. Reflecting the
surroundings and the viewer, these works transform the landscape.

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