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Scarlet Baldachin

wine, tempered glass, brass, stainless steel, chain, pulley, marble
250 × 250 × 450 cm

Installation view at Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin
Photo: Bernd Borchardt


The artist developed a new work for the Kunstkammer in the Georg-Kolbe-Museum that takes into account the specific proportion of the space, in the form of a double-walled square glass plate hanging from the ceiling, filled with red wine. The weight of the tank floating in the air is held by four stones that are connected with the corners of the glass plate by a set of pulleys. In this manner, the viewer gains a connection with the weight of the material which is deceptively translucent and allows views of the Kunstkammer’s ceiling opening and the light shining in from outside.

Dr. Marc Wellmann, Artistic director of Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin

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