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Portal Landscape

tempered glass, brass, stainless steel, distilled water


Installation view at Haus am Lützowplatz,Berlin

Photo: Enric Duch




The sculpture consists of twenty double-walled glass panels, which are held by a star-shaped frame. Between the glass panels is a hollow space, which is filled to the same height with water, thus forming a uniform horizon line that connects all panels. Depending on the sun’s influence and ambient temperatures, the water in the panels evaporates and condenses. Due to this micro-climatic process, the visual appearance of the sculpture is defined by permanent change. The solid matter of the frame and the glass contrast with the ephemeral qualities of water as a sculptural material. Another crucial element is the relationship of the interior volume within the transparent glass panes and the observation space surrounding the sculpture. Both areas are connected only visually in a kaleidoscopic arrangement while remaining separated by the portals of glass. In the syntax of the sculpture, the horizon line of the water level is a border between two elements. At the same time, the panes of glass form a barrier to the inaccessible interior of the structure.

Dr. Marc Wellmann, Artistic director of Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin

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