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reinforced concrete

179 × 179 × 179 cm

Hiroshima City University, Hiroshima



The early work World (2002) is a concrete cube but penetrating its center is a space twisted in a spiral. Not only is this hole an opening through which people can peek at the scenery on the other side, but it is large enough that people can just pass through it, the top and bottom of their body inverted when they come out the other side. A threedimensional opening penetrating a cube. In the sense that people enter it it is architectural, an attempt to blur the line between architecture and sculpture. It goes without saying that concrete and glass are the most important materials with respect to the establishment of architecture since the modern era. Perhaps Wada’s use of these materials in sculpture will open up possibilities for these materials that cannot be opened in architecture.

Taro Igarashi, Architectural historian, Critic

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